At Driving Solutions, we offer complete evaluations to objectively determine driver safety. Decisions about driving, or not driving, should be made with the full knowledge and support of family and friends in an open, professional and objective process.

What we offer:

  • Clinical Assessment of the physical, visual, perceptual and cognitive skills that underlie safe driving. There is no actual driving during a clinical assessment.
  • A formal, written report of the results of the clinical evaluation is provided to the driver and their referring physician including specific recommendations based on evaluation results.
  • Road Test Evaluation of the performance skills that are critical for safe driving. Typically the evaluator will assess lane placement, observation skills, reaction time, traffic awareness, scanning and more. Separate arrangements are made for on-road evaluation based on recommendations developed during the clinical assessment. There are many considerations for on road evaluation that deserve careful discussion about proceeding.
  • Expert Consultation to assisted living centers and health services agencies about policy development regarding clients and driving.
  • Referrals to agencies and resources that provide driving-related services such as adaptive equipment, specialized driving lessons, and options for adaptations.
  • Free Consultation is always available
  •  Assistance to families and drivers with any follow-up questions about safe driving.

The Driving Solutions Advantage

Our Driver Safety Consultants are licensed and registered Occupational Therapist certified to provide medical and functional performance assessment to provide a meaningful evaluation. When you choose Driving Solutions to address your driver safety needs, you can be sure that you will receive:

  • Clear communication to client, family and physician
  • Compassionate and professional advice about driver safety
  • Confidential consultation in the comfort of your own home

We encourage our clients to use us as a resource for driver safety knowledge, and as a way  begin the rehabilitation process.

We would be happy to share with you :

  • Knowledge of Massachusetts RMV policies, procedures and practices
  • Simple remediation techniques such as home exercise programs
  • Safe driving tips and techniques
    Extensive resource information on adaptive equipment
Need a professional and confidential driver safety evaluation