Helping you make the right decision

At Driving Solutions, driver safety is our number one priority.
We believe that you should continue to drive, as long as you are safe to do so.

Older Drivers

Driving Solutions believes a family centered approach to any driving question is the best way to work with an older driver. We take the time to understand your loved ones’ driving issues. Then we perform a professional, objective and personalized assessment of the driver’s social, medical and cognitive issues. Together with the family we will help you make the right decision about an older drivers’ fitness to drive

Medical Conditions

Does a particular medical condition interfere with someone’s ability to safely drive? An Occupational Therapy driver evaluation specialist can guide that decision. We are the go-to heath care professional that is knowledgeable about medical conditions and their effect on driving performance.

Virtual Driver Consultation-New!

Do you live in a rural area with no driver evaluation specialist nearby? Do you know someone who may be unsafe to drive? Are you reluctant to bring it up? If you need help deciding what to do in that situation book a 30 minute professional driver consultation on the Zoom platform. We will guide you with a remote, private consultation with a Driving Solutions therapist.

What is Driving Solutions Driver Safety Program?

The Driving Solutions driver safety program evaluates the physical, visual and cognitive capabilities of a current driver. Our goal is to keep Massachusetts roadways safe by providing a comprehensive, personalized and objective driver evaluation. We will send a skilled Occupational Therapy (OT) driver safety consultant to any location in eastern Massachusetts to evaluate and consult with the driver and their loved ones.

Why choose Driving Solutions?

Judy Romano - Owner & CEO

No need to book an appointment at a clinic you’ve never been to before. With Driving Solutions we meet in the privacy of your home. The atmosphere is relaxed and social, while also professional.

Many driver evaluation specialists work in clinical settings and are under time and productivity pressure. With a home based appointment we take whatever amount of time it takes to get a quality outcome

Occupational therapists are specifically trained to understand the impact of disability on function. No other healthcare professional brings that medical perspective to driving questions

Driving can be a divisive family issue. Discussions and decisions about driving safety are best done in an open and honest manner with all interested parties present

What Our Clients Have to Say

Dad’s driver evaluation was incredibly thorough! I had no idea about all the things that what would be covered in the evaluation.
from Kingston
Mom was really nervous about being evaluated for driving. The therapist who came over made her feel at ease right away by asking about her life, where she grew up, what she did for work, etc. In the end it was really important that Mom got to talk about herself that way.
From Amesbury
My brother in law had a stroke a few months ago. His doctor wasn’t sure if he should start driving again so he recommended an Occupational Therapy driver evaluation. The therapist knew that the stroke could have hidden effects on his thinking and vision and tested those areas very carefully during the evaluation.
From Cambridge
My father in law was a college professor. He didn’t like our suggestion that he stop driving and wanted a chance to prove that he was a really good driver even at 90 years old. The therapist evaluated him without him losing his dignity. It was really wonderful to see!
From Weston