Physician Resources

Physician Resources

As a medical professional, your opinion is typically more valued about health and safety than anyone else, including family members. You may be approached by a patient’s family members who are concerned about his or her safety behind the wheel, putting you in a position where you must make a recommendation to your patient about driving. However, it is not always accurate to asses driving abilities strictly from visual, cognitive or motor skills.

Why refer your patient to Driving Solutions?
The borchure, Why Choose a Driving Evaluation provides important information on medical issues and RMV reporting requirements in Massachusetts. This document is essential for those who are unfamiliar with situations involving unsafe drivers.

What you’ll need to make a referral
Access RMV forms and publications about medical issues and driving on the Massachusetts RMV website.

Additional information for physicians
The American Occupational Therapy Association, Inc. has published this helpful resources for physicians list, which details the medical conditions that cause increased risks of car accidents. The document is available here or at

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