Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists

If you are an OT generalist use these resources to steer your clients in the right direction about driving.

AOTA.org provides  a comprehensive resource list with articles, toolkits and continuing education material. Click on their publication, An Older Driver Rehab Primer to access an article on driver evaluation for OTs.

The Driving Solutions exclusive document, Why Choose a Driving Evaluation will help you and your client stay focused on the Massachusetts RMV’s self reporting requirement

The Role of the OT Generalist is a brief overview of how to address driving in everyday practice

The National Highway Transportation Safety Board (NHTSA) Driving Transitions Program is available  “to prepare professionals for effective conversations about driver safety and community mobility issues.”

The form entitled  Requirements for Program is used to refer a client to the driver evaluation specialists at Driving Solutions

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