Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions

At Driving Solutions, we believe you should drive for as long as you are safe to do so. A medical condition does not necessarily have to mean the end of driving.

Medical conditions that affect the legs (or right leg) are the most common uses for hand controls. Adaptations such as hand controls, left accelerator, spinner knob, crossover directional extender, key adapter, seat adjustment and additional mirrors are available for installation. Driving Solutions can refer you for training in use of adaptive driving equipment.

Drivers with medical conditions such as seizures, stroke, paralysis, brain tumor, dementia, amputation, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, limb deformity, cancer, chronic pain, polypharmacy, vision loss, short stature, emotional issues, mental health issues and numerous other situations are often safe to drive with adaptive equipment and proper training. A driver evaluation will assess the underlying skills that contribute to safe driving.

Get a handle on hand controls

1. MD Order
Talk to your doctor about your medical condition and the need for hand controls. Contact Driving Solutions to discuss the details of your situation.

2. Free Consultation
Once you have your MD order, contact Driving Solutions at 508 878 9583 for a FREE phone, text or email consultation. If you want information mailed to you, be sure to provide the spelling of your name and address in the message.

3. Learn and Drive
We will refer you, as needed, to local vendors who provide driving lessons and adaptive equipment.

4. RMV Testing
Clients who use adaptations must be tested by the Mass RMV at the completion of the driver re-training program for re-licensure with mechanical aids.

Please note that if you apply for a handicapped parking placard in Massachusetts, it may affect your license status.

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