Mature and Senior Drivers

Mature and Senior Drivers

Do you know a driver in your family or social network that you are concerned about?

A driver evaluation by a Driving Solutions therapist provides the driver and their family with a professional, objective research-based analysis of the underlying skills that contribute to safe driving.

Modifications to driving routes and reduction in driving is recommended for many drivers as a way to reduce risk exposure.  Often drivers intuitively self-regulate and modify their driving exposure as they age. Other drivers lack insight into their personal safety and how it may affect others. Driver evaluation is a way to “prove” ability to concerned family members. An at-home professional driver evaluation provides valuable information about the underlying skills that contribute to driver safety.

What is it like getting the results of a driving evaluation?

Whether the right decision is to stop driving, to modify driving habits to reduce risk or to retire from driving and use alternative transportation, you will be informed of the results and the rationale in a thoughtful and compassionate manner by an experienced driver rehabilitation professional.

Coping with diminishing ability is a challenge for many drivers and their families, making the decision to stop driving a divisive, sensitive and uncomfortable issue for loved ones to address. Our driving consultants deliver the results so you don’t have to, and always in a professional manner. Driving Solutions evaluations are provided by occupational therapists who understand that driving is an occupation that enables participation in other occupations. Alternative transportation and lifestyle adjustments are carefully considered throughout the evaluation process.

Taking part in a driver evaluation is not a guarantee of a recommendation to drive or to stop driving. It is a respectful, objective and informed method of addressing a sensitive issue. We help you make the right decision.